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The Best Inline Water Filter: A Top 5 Review

The water you consume may carry contaminants such as lead, fluoride, harmful chemicals, and dirt. Given that polluted water consumption harmsmore than 3.4 million people each year globally, it’s a good idea to be conscious of the water you and your family are consuming.

In this article, we’ll be providing you with a complete review and guide to the best inline water filter on the market today.

1. Woder WD-10K-JG Ultra-High Capacity Inline Water Filter

This is a commercial-grade inline water filter from the reputed brand, Woder. This is a surprisingly affordable inline water filter that features excellent water filtration and comes with a capacity of 10,000 gallons.

This model’s filtration mechanism is different from other products, which deploy the reverse osmosis process. Many users do not prefer the reverse osmosis process, which is known for eliminating certain minerals along with contaminants. This filter from Woder retains the nutrition in water, leaving nutrients such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

When it comes to filtering contaminants like chlorine, this water filter is 99.9% effective. Moreover, it filters out heavy metals like mercury and lead, along with chromium 6 and carcinogens. As an added bonus, this filter also eliminates foul smells and tastes from the drinking water.

To ensure adherence with American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the manufacturers have tested the filter at independent labs. It’s easy to install this filter following the illustrated manual and the process should take just 15 minutes.


  • It retains the nutrients in the water
  • The capacity of 10,000 gallons is enough for three years
  • The filter removes most contaminants


  • This filter will not fit braided hoses
  • You need to replace it after approximately 3 years of use


If you’re looking for the best inline water filter at an affordable price, this is an excellent option to go with.

2. GLACIER FRESH RV Inline/Marines Water Filter

This is a lead-free premium filter capable of significantly improving the taste and smell of drinking water. It removes as much as 97.9% of chlorine from the water, and after testing it at independent labs, the manufacturers have launched the filter on the market.

One of this filter’s best features is that you can attach it to any standard water hose or gardening hose. This particular model from Glacier Fresh is ideal for campers, pets, boats, RVs, and gardening.

It works wonders as a replacement model for 40041, 40013, and 40043 KDF filters. If you’re looking for a large-capacity filter, we recommend that you opt for this model. On average, it lasts for three months of regular use.

This model comes with a twist and lock design, and the manufacturers have integrated a flexible hose protector in this filter. This addition minimizes the possible strain on connections while reducing kinking. The KDF protection eliminates germs like bacteria when you’re not using the filter.


  • It deploys a 3-stage process for filtration
  • It comes with solid granular activated carbon
  • It blocks a wide range of pollutants, including heavy metals and sediments


  • This filter does not remove the hardness of water


If you’re looking for an inexpensive, reliable, and lightweight inline water filter, this model would suit your needs.

3. Frizzlife Inline Water Filter System for Refrigerator, Ice Maker, and Under Sink

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and eco-friendly inline water filter, you may want to take a closer look at this model from Frizzlife. It comes with IAPMO R&T certification and is ideal for ice makers, refrigerators, and under sinks. Its versatility makes the model popular among users.

With this water filter, you can remove 99.99% of pollutants. It effectively eliminates heavy metals, chlorine, lead, mercury, chromium 6, specific volatile organic compounds, and rust. Most importantly, it retains the necessary nutrients in the water. This filter proves equally effective for removing bad taste and odor.

The installation process is straightforward. You can connect the system to the refrigerator angle valve or the kitchen sink angle valve. This package comes with everything you might need for installation so that you wouldn’t need any additional tools. You can install it in a few minutes yourself.

During filter replacement, there’s no need to shut off the water. This filter has a twist-in design, enabling the user to change the filter in a few seconds.


  • Each of these cartridges offers at least two years of service
  • It can deliver purified ice cubes
  • The water filter removes a wide range of contaminants


  • The filter might slow down with age


People looking for a commercial-grade inline filter for refrigerators, ice makers, or kitchen use would like this model.

4. Watts Inline Water Filter 20,000 Gallon Capacity

This Watts Premier inline filter has a lot of features that would make it great for long-term, consistent use. To start off, if you’re on the market for a high-capacity filter, this model comes with a 20,000-gallon capacity.

This water filter can remove sediments in water and contaminants, like chlorine. It is equally effective in eliminating bad taste and odor, making it a practical choice for households.

If you own a boat, this inline water filter can be a versatile application for you. This model comes with an innovative KDF to treat the water. This is a low-maintenance filter and checking it once every six months should suffice. However, installing the filter might be a challenge for you. Unless you’re good at plumbing, it might be difficult for you to install it.

This model from Watts comes with WQA-certification and is listed in NSF. It has been tested and proven to remove lead and chlorine.


  • The filter has a massive 20,000-gallon capacity
  • It removes contaminants, poor taste, and odor
  • It is suitable for ice makers and refrigerators


  • The installation process might be difficult


Households and offices looking for a large-capacity inline filter should opt for this model.

5. Culligan IC 4 EZ-Change Inline Icemaker and Refrigerator Filtration System

If you’re looking for an advanced filter for refrigerators or ice makers, you may want to consider the Culligan Inline Filtration System. Though this model comes with a lower capacity of 500 gallons, the manufacturers have obtained ANSI or NSF certifications, and this filter fulfills the IAPMO standards.

The filter effectively minimizes chlorine’s odor in water and enhances its taste, lowering the presence of particulates in drinking water. The manufacturers have tested the filter for its competence in filtering mercury, and lead and many households count on this model for lowering turbidity and volatile compounds.

With this filter, you can provide your family with quality and healthy water. Apart from drinking, filtered water is great to use for cooking and gardening.

This water filter comes with a complete set of accessories. These include mounting screws, head assembly, and filter cartridges. It also offers an impressive rate of 0.5 gallons of water every minute.

Based on your area’s water conditions, this filter is likely to last for six months before needing to be replaced


  • Adheres to NSF and ANSI standards
  • The drinking water tastes good and has an improved smell after filtration
  • Standard 53 minimizes lead and mercury


  • This filter has a lower capacity than others on our list


If your focus is more on water quality rather than the filter’s capacity, we recommend that you purchase this model.

Buying Guide to the Best Inline Water Filter

Here are some of the key aspects to consider when looking for the best inline water filter.

Type of Filter Medium

Different types of filter mediums are available for inline water filters. These include charcoal, carbon-activated and granular filters. All these categories target different impurities and chemicals. Based on your area’s water quality, you need to choose the appropriate filter medium.

Carbon-activated and charcoal filters effectively deal with toxins and carbon-based chemicals. Their powerful particle barriers make them ideal for these contaminants.

On the other hand, granular filters come with a blend of multiple filter mediums. These filters offer a more holistic approach to cleaning.

Rate of Filtration

The filtration rate refers to how many gallons of water the system can filter each day. This is indicated with a numerical representation and the GPD abbreviation, indicating gallons per day. This also reveals the durability of the filter. For large households, it’s best to get a filter with a high rate of filtration. However, these filters are more expensive.

Installation Process

If you’re not well versed in plumbing, it may be a bit tricky to install some of the inline water filter models. Some models come with DIY installation mechanisms. You might want to consider choosing one of these models to ease up the installation process.

Replacement Costs

When you purchase an inline water filter, you need to consider the frequency of replacement. Along with the cost of these cartridges, you also need to check out the installation costs, if any.

If these costs are too high, it would be wise to go for a long-lasting filter.


Branded filters come with different types of certifications for quality assurance. Before making your purchase, check out whether the model has NSFI or ANSI certification.

To ensure that the water filter is effective, you should check if it comes with and passes the necessary certifications and standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Average Durability of Inline Water Filters?

A: The lifespan of inline water filters varies from product to product. Different factors influence the longevity of water filters. These include the volume of water filtered per day, water quality, and the number of contaminants.

While some filters will need to be replaced every few months, others can last up to three years. As a rule of thumb, inspect the filter every six months to detect possible issues.

Q: Can Inline Water Filters Remove Iron?

A: In certain areas, the water may contain iron. Not all inline water filters are capable of filtering out the iron. Only those approved by the WQA and NSI can remove iron from water.

Q: How Can I Keep My Inline Filters Clean?

A: If you have an activated charcoal or carbon filter, you canuse muriatic acid to rinse the filter. Resoak the filter and wait for some time before washing it off. You can use unscented bleach to clean filters that work through the reverse osmosis mechanism.

Q: Where Can I Use an Inline Filter?

A: Apart from sinks, you can use an inline water filter in icemakers, refrigerators, campers, RVs, and showers.

Q: Why Should I Buy an NSF-Certified Filter?

A: An NSF certification ensures that the filter is structurally sound. It also assures that the filter has been proven to remove the contaminants, as the brands claim. It confirms that the advertisements, labeling, and literature are accurate.


There you have it – the best inline water filter review and guide! Before purchasing a filter, be sure to narrow down your preferences depending on your budget and other needs.

With a suitable model installed at your home, you can rest assured that the water you’re drinking is safe and clean.

If the current model in your home involves frequent replacement, you can always choose a more economical filter from our list. We’ve covered filters with small capacities from 500 gallons to filters with a capacity of 20,000 gallons, giving you a wide range to consider.

If you’re interested in more water filter-related advice and information, be sure to check out our other product reviews and buying guides!

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