Best Water Softener Salt for Sensitive Skin

Best Water Softener Salt for Sensitive Skin: 2021 List

Hard water causes all sorts of inconveniences for homeowners. Hard water is water that contains a high concentration of calcium and magnesium. 

This kind of water, while not harmful to health, causes a lot of problems. Some undesirable effects include:

  • Dry skin
  • Dull hair caused by the deposit of residue
  • Altered taste of water
  • Clogged pipes

The best way to avoid the problems caused by hard water is to install a water softener system. A water softener is a good investment since it is the most effective solution. 

After you install a home water softener, pair it with a softener salt that addresses your needs. Water softener salts aid the machine to work at optimum by cleaning its system of build-up. 

If your skin is sensitive, and you are worried about your skin reacting to the softener chemicals in the water, we’re here to help. We’ve curated a guide for water softener salts for sensitive skin. 

1. Morton Salt 1501 Clean Protect System Water Softener

Morton is an established name in the softener salt industry. It is not farfetched to say that it is a household favorite.

The Clean Protect salt is made with an advanced formula specifically designed to make it more potent than the ordinary evaporated salt. 

Morton 1501 water softener is compatible with a good deal of water softener systems. It is especially compatible with older softener designs that used salt blocks.

Clean Protect by Morton stands out from the rest of the softening salts because of its ability to get rid of excess iron. 

The iron build-up in the plumbing system is another annoying problem similar to limescale buildup. 

Product Description

  • The salt uses a patented formula to prolong the life of plumbing appliances
  • It works efficiently to prevent iron buildup in pipes and appliances
  • The bag is easy to open thanks to an easy-open tab
  • A strong handle makes carrying the bag and pouring salt convenient
  • Limited warranty
  • The package weighs 50lb
  • Dimensions in inches- 18 l x 16 w x 10 h


  • Compatible with several existing water softener systems
  • It removes excess iron
  • Does not contain phosphates
  • Safe and convenient packaging
  • The salt is easily available online or at your local store


  • The bag is heavy
  • It is expensive online unlike in a store


The Morton’s 1501 phosphate-free formulation makes the red iron stains a thing of the past. It also works on limescale, so you can solve two problems with one solution.

2. Cargill Salt 7304 Water Softener Salt

This is a pure, natural softener salt manufactured by using solar energy. The salt crystals form from the process of evaporation aided by wind and sun rather than machines and chemicals. 

The Cargill 7304 contains only sodium chloride with a purity of 99.6%. It is safe for sensitive skin because there are no chemical additives.

This Cargill softener salt is unique because it prevents the occurrence of salt mushing and bridging that is common with softener salts. It reduces the buildup of brine residue in softener tanks. 

The salt bears the stamp of approval from NSF, which further adds to its credibility as a quality product.

Product Description

  • It is compatible with household and industrial water softener systems
  • The salt is recommended for households that experience moderate water hardness
  • It can soften all the water serving a medium-sized family
  • The product can be used as filtered brine to make pickles, cure olives, grade vegetables, poultry, and meat processing
  • Cargill salt can also be used to cure animal hides and remove snow from sidewalks


  • It is purer and works better than rock salt
  • It is compatible with most existing water softener units in homes and commercial spaces
  • Manufactured using a natural process
  • It produces minimal residue on the tanks
  • Certified by NSF
  • The salt is protected from humidity thanks to the polyethylene packaging


  • The price listed online is quite high so shop around at the local store and compare


Cargill has a lot of confidence in their 7304 salt brand. They offer a 100% guarantee that there is no mushing, channeling, or bridging. It honestly works well with very little residue left at the bottom of the tank.

3. Diamond Crystal Water Softener Bag 40 Lb

This is a water softener made from a salt substitute. It is composed entirely of potassium chloride.

Potassium chloride is recommended as an alternative to sodium chloride-based softener salts. Some sensitive skin still reacts to salt, so this is a safer alternative. 

The Diamond Crystal softener rids the plumbing and appliances of rusty yellow stains. The potassium ions in the water make removing stains from clothes easier. Bathing and doing dishes become easier, as well.

Product Description

  • Easy to open bag tab 
  • The crystals contain low insoluble content 
  • Comes in a 50 lb package
  • Product measurements in inches – 24 l x 16 w x 4.25 h


  • Potassium chloride pellets are highly soluble
  • Soaps and detergents lather easier 
  • It is compatible with many water softener units
  • It is ideal for those individuals whose salt intake is restricted
  • Water softened with potassium chloride pellets is safe for both plants and animals
  • Your water fixtures will last longer


  • The packaging of this product is flimsy
  • An increase in the quantity of water softening product used translates to increased softener cost


When using potassium chloride, you have to use a more generous measurement of pellets unlike when using salt softeners. You will need to replenish more often or buy bigger bags.

However, this product works as expected of a water softener. It is a suitable alternative to salt-based softeners.

4. Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets

Morton Potassium Chloride pellets contain only 1% sodium chloride. This is good news for sensitive skin that gets irritated on contact with the salt component. 

Product Description

  • The product is up to 99% free of sodium chloride
  • The bag features an easy-open design
  • It is easy to lift and pour out the pellets because of the sturdy handle
  • 40lb bag
  • Reduced chloride discharge when using this substitute salt


  • The absence of sodium chloride makes it good for the skin since it doesn’t dry it out
  • The product is versatile. Use it for household, spa, or swimming pool 
  • The softened water is safe for watering plants 
  • It is effective in softening water with minimal residue. The lifespan of plumbing and valves increases with their use


  • The price is a point of contention. Compare the online prices with store ones and find out what works for you


Morton water softener pellets are designed to work with the standard water softener and this one is no different. 

5. Diamond Crystal 804017 Solar Naturals Water Softener Salt

This is a high purity natural salt manufactured by solar energy. The evaporation and creation of salt are aided by the sun and wind only. No machines are involved in the manufacturing, either.

The Diamond Crystal Solar salt contains 99.6% purity of sodium chloride. The natural process of producing this softener salt makes it safe for sensitive skin.

The salt is approved by NSF which affirms its efficiency. 

Product Features

  • No chemical additives 
  • It comes in a 40 lb bag
  • Approved by NSF


  • The water softening action is quick
  • Alternative uses such as grading vegetable quality
  • It is protected from moisture by a tight packaging that is still easy to open despite the fact


  • The product costs a pretty penny


This softener salt prevents bridging and mushing that occurs with the use of typical softener salt. It does this by reducing the brine residue in the tank causing less buildup. 

Advantages of Purchasing Water Softener Salts for Sensitive Skin


There are different types of softeners, whether salt-based or free of salt. With so many options, you can research the best type of salt compatible with the water softening system that you have.

Please note that different salts have different effects on the efficiency of a water softening system. 

Always do your due diligence on the effects of salts on your kind of water softening system before purchase. 

Ease of Use

When you buy a water softener salt, it will either be in pellet or crystal form. Both types are easy to use, you only need to pour the recommended amount into the brine tank. 

To take note of, however, is the fact that water softener crystals work better for households that consume a low volume of water. Alternatively, it works for water softeners using a two-part system. 

Water softener pellets, on the other hand, are suitable for households that exhibit moderate to high water consumption. They are okay for use in all-in-one water softening systems.

Pellets are effective for reducing bridging problems, chiefly due to their consumption.


Water softening salts are the epitome of convenience. They are easy to store as the packaging protects them from humidity. 

The packages are easily resealable after each use. This way, it eliminates the risks of salts spilling or becoming contaminated. 

Always store your salt in a cool and dry place.

Disadvantages of Softener Salts

Increased Salt Intake

Softening salts increase the salt content of water. This poses a challenge for people with regulated salt consumption.

Altered taste

Salt softeners may change the taste of water. 

Water Softener FAQs

Q: What type of salts are used as water softeners?

A: Softener salts come in various types and the main ones include the following:

  • Rock salt
  • Sea salt
  • Solar salt
  • Evaporated salt
  • Potassium chloride as a salt substitute 

The type of salt you should use depends entirely on your preference and its intended application. Rock salt is the cheapest on the list since it is easy to obtain.

If you are concerned with a salt with the best water softening action, then evaporated or sea salt is the best option.

Lastly, if you intend to eliminate the use of salt, then stick to potassium chloride.

Q: Crystals or pellets, which one is better?

A: Softening salts differ in forms, just as they differ in types. They are currently manufactured in crystal and pellet form. 

Water softeners that come in crystal form are usually manufactured with sea or solar salt. 

Softening crystals are small and compact. Their size makes them dissolve faster. This means that using crystals do not usually result in the build-up. 

On the other hand, softening pellets can be made from any kind of salt. The most popular pellets contain evaporated salt as the base. 

Some brands of softener pellets contain additives that help them protect the plumbing pipes and appliances. 

Q: How often should I clean my brine tank?

A: The answer to this question depends on the type of salt you buy. It determines how you will maintain the brine tank.

Some salt types like rock salt leave a lot of residue at the bottom of the brine tank. So, if you use rock salt, you will have to frequently clean and carry out maintenance of the tank.

Different types of salts also build-up at different rates at certain temperatures. It is important to understand the differences so that you carry out the right amount of maintenance. 


A water softener is one of the investments that pay off tremendously. The changes will be visible on the shower screens, water faucets, less staining on dishes, and soaps will lather easily.

The household appliances using the water will have less clogging and residue deposits. The same goes for the plumbing pipes and valves.

After installing a water softener, get a softener that works for your sensitive skin. The salt eradicates excess minerals, recharge the rein bin, and overall improves the function of the water softening system. 

Although there are many softening salt brands on the market, people with sensitive skin have to choose specific formulations. Failure to choose the right product makes their skin dry and irritated. 

Take the softeners we have analyzed into consideration. Their unique properties make them suitable for sensitive skin.

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