The Best Whole House Water Filter for Iron in 2021

The Best Whole House Water Filter for Iron in 2021

A whole house water filter treats and purifies the water that flows into your house through the main supply line. It gets rid of the contaminants that may be present from the supply point and ensures the water coming out of the faucet is safe to consume.

Investing in a good home water filtration system is therefore essential. The purification systems are often fitted with filters that help them achieve the purest liquid output. 

The following are some of the best whole house water filters on the market!

1. iSpring WGB22BM 2-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System

The iSpring WGB22BM 2-Stage Whole House Water Filter helps purify the water in the house. It removes sediments, harmful chemicals, excess iron, manganese, and microbes. 

During the first stage of filtration, the 5 microns polypropylene filter removes dirt and other particulate sediments. If these particles were to move past the first filter, they would clog the second filter.

In the second stage, coconut shell and CTO (chlorine, taste, odor) carbon filters filtrate the remaining contaminants in the water. The water is thereafter rendered safe for use.

Product Features

  • The system comes already assembled, so you can install it yourself following a manual. 
  • iSpring is factory-assembled from right to left. The bracket is detachable and you can switch.
  • The iSpring water filter system removes chlorine, industrial solvents, iron, herbicides, pesticides, sediments, bad odor, and other contaminants.
  • This unit does not soften your water, so it leaves the minerals intact. 
  • The total dissolved solids (TDS) remain intact in the water and keeping it healthy. 
  • The filtering system has a capacity of 100,000 gallons.
  • iSpring is equipped with a 1-inch outlet and a 2 gradient filtration system.


  • The iSpring 2-stage filter is a minimum maintenance device
  • Excellent filtering efficiency and capacity
  • It utilizes a large port that conducts large volumes of water to the filters per minute
  • The filter lasts a long time thanks to the compact fabrication technology of the coconut shell carbon filter
  • The iSpring 2-stage whole house filter has been independently tested and meets the NSF/ANSI standards. The tests prove that the filtration system eliminates at least 95% of contaminants. 


  • Upon connecting the joints, the water may leak. Reinforce it with Teflon as a precaution
  • This system will not soften hard water. You may have to add a reverse osmosis system for your drinking water.


A filter in the household water purification system works okay for a family of four for one year. However, it is recommended to replace after 6 months for better performance. 

Furthermore, install shut-off valves at the entry point and the outlet of the system. Once you do this, you won’t have to waste the water in the house by draining it when you want to replace filters.

This filter is worth it because it does not affect the water pressure in your house.

2. Aquasana EQ-WELL-UV-PRO-AST Whole House Well Water Filter System

The Aquasana is a highly effective house water filtering system. One reason why it made it to this list is that the water softener cylinder has a long life span of 5 years. 

The cylinder will filter 500,000 gallons over 5 years, or more depending on your rate of water consumption. If you want to track your water consumption, write down the initial value on your water meter. Check and update the changes regularly. 

Despite its stellar performance, this model of Aquasana is a low maintenance unit. 

The 500,000-gallon unit comes packaged with a pro-grade installation kit. The kit contains the following tools:

  • Brass fittings
  • 1 prefilter
  • 1 post-filter 
  • Shut off valves
  • Supports 

The components of the kit are excellently engineered, so you should not worry about leaky or faulty parts. 

Product Features

  • It is recommended for homes that use well water.
  • The sediment prefilter eliminates dirt and silt.
  • It has a copper-zinc and mineral stone tank after the prefilter. The tank inhibits the growth of bacteria and removes 97% chloramine and heavy metals such as lead.
  • There is an additional optional unit- the UV filter. This section destroys stubborn bacteria such as E. Coli. It also obliterates viruses and prevents them from growing in the water. 
  • Aquasana’s main tank houses an activated carbon filter. Inside this filter, chemical compounds, herbicides, and pesticides remain behind. 
  • There is an optional post-filter unit after the carbon tank.
  • The brass fittings are for a 0.75-foot pipe.
  • The prefilter is 20 inches.


  • This system filters out an extensive array of contaminants from the water 
  • It is capable of efficiently removing heavy metals and sediments found in well water
  • It has a long life of 500,000 gallons filtering capacity
  • The UV filtration section is powerful. It kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
  • Packaging comes with shut-off valves to easily change filters
  • There is less water wastage since the system doesn’t back-flush or drain
  • You have the option to add additional components to the filtration system 


  • You need a pex crimping tool to install this unit
  • Filters need to be regularly changed


In addition to the wonderful features of this product, the manufacturer offers a 90-day guarantee. If you do not like the product, you have three months to return it, no questions asked. 

3. APEC 3-Stage Whole House Water Filter System

The APEC 3-stage filter is ideal for homes that do not have much room for installation. It is also excellent for water that doesn’t need heavy-duty purification. 

Although the 3-stage house filtering system is less sophisticated than others, it still works. 

The filters include sediment and a carbon filter. It rids the water of volatile organic compounds (VOC), debris, chlorine, and rust. 

Product Features

  • The 3-step filtering is intended for water with moderate sediment, odor, and staining.
  • The first step involves filtering out any sediment larger than 30 microns. Dust, sand, and silt included. This filter is reusable.
  • The second stage is an iron filter that reduces brown, red, and orange stains. It also gets rid of the metallic taste in water. 
  • The final stage involves a 25-micron carbon filter. Chlorine is eliminated at this stage. 
  • The unit is shipped completely pre-assembled. All you have to do is to mount it.
  • It filters 80,000 gallons of water before you can swipe the cartridges.


  • It removes metallic taste from water as well as the smell of sulfur from well water
  • The three-stage system saves space 
  • You won’t spend a lot of time trying to assemble this system. The components come ready for installation
  • It integrates seamlessly into your existing plumbing system. You won’t experience a drop in the water pressure afterward
  • There is a noticeable improvement in the quality of water immediately after installation


  • Even though it is an efficient filtering system, it doesn’t have a high capacity


If you like simplicity and have a small household, the APEC 3-stage will work for you. 

4. iSpring WCB32C 3 Whole Water Filtration System

This is another efficient household water filtering system. iSpring WCB32C 3 removes as much as 95% of the contaminants found in the water. 

The system filters sediments, chlorine, herbicides, rust, pesticides, industrial solvents, and other chemicals.

Product Features

  • The unit contains a 1-inch outlet
  • Three gradient filtering system
  • It does not soften hard water, leaving the minerals intact. The amount of TDS remains unaffected
  • The filter when installed at the main water supply purifies all the water going to the household appliances. 
  • During the first stage of filtration, sediments bigger than 5 microns are removed by a high capacity polypropylene filter. Dirt and large particles that could clog the subsequent filter are removed in this step.
  • The second and third stages achieve maximum filtration thanks to the coconut shell and CTO carbon filter.
  • The filter cartridge measures 20 inches by 4.5 inches.
  • The filter capacity is 30,000 gallons.
  • It is encased in a black metal bracket.
  • Three big blue housing cartridges with caps.


  • This is a minimum maintenance unit
  • The filter life lasts longer thanks to the carbon CTO component
  • It has a large filtering capacity thanks to the large ports that allow great volumes of water through the filters per minute
  • The water pressure remains unaffected since the filtering system is capable of allowing a large volume of water to pass through. 


  • The connection at the joints may leak and require reinforcement using Teflon
  • It does not soften hard water


If you opt for the iSpring WCB32C 3, your plumbing system stays protected from large sediments, sand, and dirt. However, if your well water contains radium, this device will not help you. 

5. APEC Water Systems ULTIMATE RO-PERM Water Filter System

This is the highest performing home drinking water filter on this list. The filters have twice the longevity of the average water filter. It can filter high capacity water under pressure.

The system has a 100% capability of filtering lead metal, thanks to the chrome faucet. 

99% of heavy metals, fluoride, arsenic, chloride, and at least 100 other contaminants do not survive this home filtration unit.

The 5-stage filtration system leaves the water tasting crisp and pure. APEC RO-PERM filtration system guarantees safe and healthy drinking water. 

Product Features

  • 5-stage ultra prefilter system

First stage

  • Contains an excellent grade polypropylene filter
  • It removes dust, sediments, and rust
  • It ensures that the membrane system is protected hence extending its lifespan

The 2nd and 3rd stage

  • The water encounters a carbon block filter that removes cloudiness, color, unpleasant taste, and most of the chlorine in the water. 
  • The carbon filter further eliminates VOCs and other dissolved chemicals in the water. 

4th filtration Stage

  • It contains a TFC reverse osmosis membrane that eliminates up to 99% of the TDS and contaminants like viruses, bacteria, lead, radium, arsenic, fluoride, chromium, and so much more.

5th stage

  • It contains an advanced refined coconut shell carbon filter. The tank also contains a TCR (total contamination removal filter) to eliminate further residual tastes from the cartridge tank. 


  • You will experience the highest form of water filtration with this system
  • The high capacity water filter lasts long
  • 100% lead-free chrome faucets


  • It took some searching in an attempt to find faults in the filtration system but in the end, there was nothing worth worrying about.


It took some searching in an attempt to find faults in the filtration system but in the end, there was nothing worth worrying about.

The APEC Ultimate filtration system has proven excellent performance. The 5-step filtration ensures that by the time water gets to the faucets it is pure and crisp. 

The five-stage filters have to be replaced at the same time every 3 or 5 years. In the long run, it is the most economical option compared to replacing a three-stage filtration system annually. 

Factors That Determine the Best Home Filtration Unit

Filters and Contaminants

Different filters eliminate different contaminants. You should test your water supply and buy the filter that works for the kind of contaminants present in the water.

Rate of Water Flow

Water filtration units allow different volumes of water to flow through every minute. The amount of water reaching the shower and faucet outlets will remain the same as your normal water output rates.

Rate of Water Consumption

The amount of water your household uses matters because if you went for a pocket-friendly filtration system while your house consumes a lot of water; you will be forced to change the filter more often. 

In the long run, your choice will provoke more costly. If, on the other hand, you invest in a system that is more expensive but can withstand your consumption needs, then you can change the filters less frequently. 


Filters with a micron rating of 0.35 are the best. You can also opt for 1 micron rated filters. The bottom line is to understand the types of sediment in your water supply. 


A good whole house water filtration system will produce clean, crispy tasting water. It also safeguards the health of your family since bacteria and viruses in the water supply are killed.

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