Waterboss Water Softener Review

Waterboss Water Softener Review

The need for soft, drinkable, and clean water is an age-old problem. This has led to the development of new sustainable solutions in reducing water hardness. With that important need came a rise in the demand for water softeners. That high demand has created a highly saturated market. 

The quest for soft water has invariably led to the industrial bloom of water softeners. While this is good for the economy, it can be risky for customers looking to get a quality water softener. 

Waterboss Water Softener Review

There is always a chance that customers will purchase a faulty product or spend a ton of money on a substandard product. To avoid opting for a water softener that may not be worth the money, it is imperative to conduct adequate research. This is where we come in. 

We have taken the time to analyze hundreds of products and have selected some of the best buys on the market. Our Waterboss water softener review is a highly-detailed review of the Water Boss 74011 Waterboss Water Softener. This water softener is one of the best products available on the market today. 

We will talk about the disparities of this water softener in comparison to others. We will also mention the pros and cons of buying this product. Finally, we will touch on why this product is worth your money.

Initial Impression

At first glance, this unit is attractive and compact. To the untrained eye, it looks like a cross between a mini washing machine and a small fridge. This is great because it fits right in with other household appliances.

The overall height of this unit is 26 inches, the width is 15 inches, making it an extremely portable unit to have. Waterboss water softeners come in three different product types. They largely vary in weight, capacity, design, and dimensions. Our focus here is the Waterboss 74011 water softener.

Technical Details of the Product

  • Manufacturer: Waterboss
  • Model: 700
  • Product Weight: 88 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 15x26x19 inches
  • Product Size: 22
  • Capacity: 22,000 grains every 17 to 19 mins

Overview of Product Features

  • In-built sediment and iron filters
  • In-built self-cleaning filters

What We Love About the Product — Top Three Features

The Waterboss water softener is not the only water softener on the market that filters out dirt from water. Although, it does have some features most units do not have. 

The compactness of the product is ideal for small families and offices. The built-in filters are durable and do not require any form of maintenance. Plus, the filters ensure that impurities are reduced to insignificant levels. 


This unit is small in size and doesn’t require a lot of space. This makes it perfect for small- and medium-sized homes. It is also really quiet when in use. The LCD allows one to monitor performance to spot error messages.

One of the important features of the LCD is that it informs you when it is low on salt levels. So, you will always know when your system needs more salt.


The Waterboss water softener is capable of softening about 70 grains per gallon of hard water. 

To break things down a bit more, for water to be regarded as soft, the hardness level should be between 0-3.5 grains per gallon. For water to be considered hard, the hardness level should be above 10.5 grains per gallon.

This means that the Waterboss water softener is capable of filtering even that hardest of water. Some water sources may contain sediments of iron, dirt, and other particles that are both visible and invisible.

If you are still wondering how the Waterboss would fare against tough water types, there’s no need to worry. The Waterboss has got you covered. As far as durability goes, this system has a 10-year warranty on it. While the valves include a three-year warranty

Installation Process

Unlike other units that sometimes cause a pressure drop when installing, this unit has been designed to cause little to no pressure drop. This feature is not common in water softeners so we must commend Waterboss for achieving this. 

Waterboss Water Softener Review

The installation process is also very easy. This is because of the bypass valve installed at the factory. Another contributing factor is how compact it is. Plus, the manufacturer includes an easy-to-understand step-by-step installation DVD in the package.

In a nutshell, here are some of the Waterboss water softener’s key advantages:

  • The product has a low compact design that is easy on the eyes and doesn’t take up a lot of space. It can be set up anywhere in the home or office.
  • It is efficient to a 10 microns sediment removal. This is more than you can find in most water softeners.
  • It is extremely user friendly, so you can easily conduct the processes on your own — no technical skills required.
  • On-demand generation is also one of its major advantages.
  • The built-in iron and sediment filter is an important feature that gets the job done with ease.

Main Overview – Breaking Down the Details

Product Overview

The Waterboss water softener is a 22,000-grain capacity, in-house water softener, and filter. It is capable of regenerating over eight gallons of water per minute. It can also filter 10 parts per minute of iron. 

It comes with a test strip with which its users can use to test the hardness or softness of the water. The maximum level of hardness this unit is capable of treating is about 70 grains per gallon. This means it can treat very hard water. 

This unit’s ability to filter about 10 parts per minute of ferrous iron is highly feasible. Users should be aware that potassium permanganate must be added to the iron filter periodically. 

The unit also has a built-in, maintenance-free filter. This is used to filter sediments and dirt, which in turn can significantly extend the longevity of the unit. 

The required pressure this unit needs to regenerate must be between 20 and 120 pounds per square inch. The regeneration time of this unit is just 18 minutes. Plus, it requires the least amount of salt and water to regenerate. 


As stated, the Waterboss water softener is a 22,000-grain capacity water softener. It demands regeneration to be initiated. This means salt and water will never be wasted as it regenerates.

Regeneration Process

For the Waterboss softener, regeneration is a simple and straightforward process. Unlike other water softeners, this one requires less salt and less water for the process to begin. 

Just like other water softeners, this unit reaches its limit of hard water. When this happens, it flushes the system. Then, the unit cleans the resin in the filter using a salt-water solution called brine. 

This process is due to the built-in self-cleaning filters installed in the unit. Once this process is complete, the water softener can resume filtering hard water.

The unit is digitally controlled. This is nice because it gives its users the ability to control when the regeneration process begins. You can also control when the filtration process begins. It’s LED screen displays information such as the regeneration update, the amount of soft water left, and an update on the water flow. 

It is simple, easy to use, and has an admittedly outdated control unit, but is it effective? Yes! Definitely.


There isn’t much to say about the maintenance process of this unit. Maintaining it is fairly easy. The self-cleaning and automatic regeneration capability of the unit is very attractive. All the user needs to do is fill it with salt periodically.

Frequently Asked Questions

If this unit still confuses you, we have included some of the frequently asked questions about the Waterboss water softener. We hope they will help clarify things a bit more.

Is Waterboss worth the money compared to other brands?

There are many great brands out there, and each brand has its main advantage. The selling advantage of the Waterboss is its easy installation. It is quite easy to install and use. It also requires fewer salt and regeneration cycles.

Is the installation process difficult?

Installing this unit is not as complicated as you may think. The manufacturers ensured the unit is as user-friendly as possible. Users should be aware that this unit requires that a suitable drain and a power source be made available for effective use. 

Also, before installing this unit, the electricity and water supply to the water heater must be turned off.

Does the unit require a specific type of salt?

When it comes to salt type, this unit is flexible. It can use any type of salt available. 

How does the Waterboss water filter work?

As stated, this unit is extremely useful when dealing with very hard water. It is also extremely capable of filtering water that contains ferrous iron, sediments, and even dirt. One of the built-in features is the 20-micron filter. This comes in handy and helps protect the unit.

You should note that it is not the most effective filter out there. The Waterboss water softener is not a specialized water filter, but it is a water softener with a water filter feature. So, when dealing with certain contaminants such as lead or pesticides, an extra filter will be required.

What makes Waterboss different from other units?

Unlike most units, the Waterboss requires less salt for the regeneration process and it boasts of a short regeneration time. The ease in which it can be installed also makes it attractive to users who have little to no experience when it comes to installing water softeners.

How does it work?

Like all water softeners, this unit comes with a whole-house filtration system. The Waterboss also has a self-cleaning filter that comes with resin beads. When in use, the filter further softens the water by removing sediments and irons. Plus, it gets rid of odors and other contaminants.

How long will a Waterboss water softener last?

There is always a point where every machine breaks down from excessive use, wear, and tear due to the completion of its natural cycle. This occurrence may often be attributed to the quality of the product or the way the water softener has been used over time. 

Many problems may surface while using the Waterboss. The components may break down, an electric surge may cause certain parts to malfunction, as well as other possible issues. All things being equal, the life span of the Waterboss water softener is 15 years. Of course, this can be exceeded if well managed.

What should one look for in a water softener?

When comparing water softeners, there are always a few things to look for. Some of these features include the following:

  1. The grain capacity, which enables the water to process and extracts contaminants such as iron and calcium
  2. The type of controls on the water softener (the best types come with digital controls that make the regeneration rate, salt level, and other operations easy to manage)
  3. The total water required to generate soft water
  4. The bypass rate, which is essential for operations and installation

Our Final Thoughts

We would be amiss to conclude this review without mentioning the poor reviews users have made concerning this unit. While it is budget-friendly, user friendly, and compact, most customers have complained of the durability of the unit. 

The Waterboss water softener does come with attractive features. While some customers are extremely happy with the unit, many are also displeased.

If we were to help you make the right choice, we would say that you can opt for this one if you are looking for a budget-friendly option. If you would like a more durable long-lasting unit, then it is advisable to select from one of the numerous choices available on the market. 

Just like every product, this one has its shortcomings. But, despite the negative reviews it has received, the Waterboss water softener is a highly efficient unit. 

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